Had a lovely day wandering around London with Alex. We’ve been to Treadwells, Atlantis and the British museum, now we’re sat on the front row of the balcony in the Theatre Royal waiting to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I am rediscovering my fear of heights. Fuck my life.



Also, unless you are a licensed professional, you do not get to determine whether or not someone has been wrongfully placed in any kind of medical facility. This goes for everyone, not just witches.

Some of tonight’s work!

How to Make a Moon Candle


It’s best to use an unscented candle for this project. A pillar is ideal, but you can certainly use a votive or taper. Use the same candle all year long, or for one 28-day lunar cycle, whichever you prefer.


You’ll need:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • One white pillar candle
  • Acrylic paints in your choice of colors
  • Candle painting medium
  • Paintbrush
  • Ribbons in colors you associate with the moon (silver, black, white, or blue)

Use the rubbing alcohol to clean any excess oil or grime from the candle before you being. You can just pour a little bit on a soft cloth and wipe it down. Blend your acrylic paint in equal parts with candle painting medium — this is basically a product that helps your paint adhere to the candle. You can find it at any craft store.

Paint lunar or celestial patterns on your candle, and allow the paint to dry. Add ribbons in silver, black and white — be sure to move them out of the way before you burn the candle in ritual! The one in the photo was made with a blue ribbon that had celestial designs on it, as well as blue and silver glitter paint.

Helpful hint - if you don’t like the idea of painting a candle, buy a plain glass hurricane, and paint the glass instead. That way, you can use any candle you like inside it, and you don’t have to continuously repaint new candles.

How do you make the flowers for the flower crown? like specifically what material is it? Its super cool and I want to make one I just don't know what I need.




Hmm, I just reblogged it from another site, but I think I can help you in terms of what to buy and how to do it. If you click the link, it’ll take you to the complete photo post that shows you what you need. In any event, here’s the list:

  • Nail polish
  • Floral wire, a thin bendable wire is ideal. 26 Gauge is fine. imageimage
  • Floral Tape            image
  • Wire cutters/scissors
  • a pencil or cylindrical object to wrap the petals around
  • Ribbon (optional)


  1. First, you’re gonna need to make the crown. You can do this by using the wire you already have or you can use an old headband or anything that you like that resembles a headpiece. Thicker wire is also fine for this step.image       As you can see, OP twisted two pieces of wire together and left loops at the end (to attach the ribbon). Then they covered it in brown floral tape.
  2. The second step is to make the flowers. Using your pencil/cylindrical object, twist the wire around it to create a ‘petal’. Repeat this until you have at least a couple of petals. 3-6 is usually fine, it’s really your call. image
  3. SLIGHTLY bend the petals back to create a natural looking petal.image
  4. After you are satisfied with the shape of your petals, cut out your flower, leaving some wire left to attach it to your crown. 
  5.  Repeat the first few steps and make the rest of your flowers.
  6. Take one of your flowers and CAREFULLY apply nail polish to it, one petal at a time. Think of it like making bubbles. It may be easier to pour the nail polish in a flat plate and dip it, or dip the entire flower into the polish.imageRepeat this for all your remaining flowers.
  7. Twist the two ends of your flowers together to form a ‘stem’.image
  8. Wrap the stems with floral tape, preferably with the same color you used in the base of the crown.imageRepeat this for all your remaining flowers.
  9. The third step will be attaching the flowers to your crown. You can do this a few ways. One way is to wrap the stems around the crown. Another way is to just wrap the stems with floral tape as you go along, like the OP did.imageDo this until all your flowers have been attached to your crown.
  10. At this point, you can tie the ribbons to the loops like OP did, or decorate it any other way you like. :)


Enjoy your new floral crown!


  • You can purchase most of the items in Walmart, Michael’s or any craft or flower store. You can also order it online. :)
  • REMEMBER, this tutorial is just a guide. If you don’t want to use brown floral tape or if you prefer using the green floral wire, don’t be afraid to change it up. You can use any color or material your heart desires.

This is the link to the DIY Floral Crown post. 

Sorry for replying late. I hope this helps you with making your own crown. :)

holy shit this nail polish thing is so clever! 8O

This would be an amazing way to use up old nail polish…

Spent the day playing with my crystals :) ID’ing them and photographing so I don’t forget again. Only have one mystery crystal now… Not too bad. 

Tomorrow’s task is to make sure I’ve got the properties for each of them written down, then to prep for the cleansing rites on Tuesday. 


illumia-art :

An overview of the Ogham alphabet.
Watercolors and ink on paper, 37 x 59 cm.
Click on the pic to go to my item about this early medieval Irish alphabet, and what it HAS to do with trees. (Sounds random, right?)
Original and prints for sale, please send me a post for more info.

(via Detailed Ogham Fews by ~Lolair on deviantART)

Rogue’s stone is apparently yellow calcite. She won’t leave it alone!

H is for Herne

The Hunter, Lord of the Wildwood, Leader of the Wild Hunt, Lord of the Green Shrine. 

Native to Windsor, England.


  • Oak trees
  • Horned owls
  • Hunting hounds
  • Deer
  • Horses
  • Knives (specifically hunting ones)
  • Bow and arrows (to a lesser extent)
  • Gold

For the love of Him, don’t:

  • Start malicious rumours (no seriously, don’t.)
  • Break oaths
  • Be disloyal to your friends

Shrine Decorations

  • A print of the excerpt from The Merry Wives of Windsor by Shakespeare in which He appears - see here
  • Green Man imagery can be considered appropriate for Herne
  • Gold - a gold chain, if you can get one. (He received a gold chain as a gift from the King when he was in favour)
  • Forest imagery - be careful of including the Oak in a way it can’t be removed. In my experience, He has off-moments where He can’t stand to be around one. 
  • Things that could be considered “hunt tokens” - antlers, pelts etc. 
  • 'Stones' that are appropriate include amber, jet, petrified wood, moss agate, tiger's eye

Suggested reading:

  • "The Merry Wives of Windsor" - William Shakespeare (can be downloaded free for kindle)
  • "In Search of Herne the Hunter" by Eric L. Fitch
  • "Horns of Power" edited by Sorita d’Este

Non-ritual ways of honouring Herne:

  • Go drinking at a “The White Hart” pub!! (turns out we have two in Hull, lucky us)
  • Read up on Plantagenet England, specifically hunting, the Court culture and King Richard II
  • Go for a walk in the forest… Be nice to any wizards you may meet!
  • Read up on the folklore around the sacred White Hart/Stag
  • Go walking in wild places. Be safe.
  • Pursue your own Hunt, or quest, in His honour
  • Practice a skill dedicated to Him.
  • Dedicate a gold necklace/chain to Him