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Thing #1 Not To Do



On one hand, I am a little flattered that people like my information enough to want to cut&paste it onto tumblr, but on the other DO NOT DO IT. DO NOT TAKE MY CONTENT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. All of the information I provide exists in the context of the whole Per-Sabu website, of having been filtered though MY brain, and of being the result of my heart, soul, time, and resources. What’s wrong with just a link?

I have made mention of this in the past, but I want to bring it up again.

Please to not copy and paste large swathes of text into Tumblr from other people’s blogs or websites. It detracts from their websites and their hard work and I equate it to plagiarism.

Please keep the Kemetic community awesome by not stealing or detracting from the hard work of others. Be sure to give credit to the many writers and artists in our community by driving traffic back to the original source material and the original blogs and websites in our community.


People: Aren't you going a bit overboard?
Me: *surrounded by pumpkins and candles and sweaters* Idk what you mean?

I tried to resist but I couldn’t


Protection Methods



A few of my personal methods, and by no means a complete list.

  1. Salt, rosemary, and water wash. Combine salt, rosemary, and water into a large bowl. Visualize protective and cleansing energies entering the bowl. Be specific in what you want to be…
I want to know how you make curse containing vesels. That sounds like useful info should the need arise.



Absolutely! I’m going to warn you up front that this is going to be a looooong post.

Also, I’m posting this publicly because I spent way too much time on this.

Curse boxes take a lot of time and effort to make. To begin I’ll just say that while you can make generic vessels to contain any curse you throw in it, they work much better when they’re specifically made for the object intended to be kept in them. So while it is possible to have a vessel ready to go just in case I wouldn’t use that long term.

Also, how you adjust the vessel for the specific needs related to the curse will vary hugely. This can be highly complex and individualized spellwork, if you feel out of your depth find someone more experienced to help, curses are serious shit and I wouldn’t recommend toying with them if you’re unsure that you can handle it alone.

Ok, all of that aside, the first step in actually creating your vessel is choosing a container. Personally, I prefer nice, sturdy wooden boxes. You could use anything though, I know jars are popular among witchy people, you could use a bag or a vacuumed canister or hell, you could use tupperware and moving crates if you felt like that was the thing for you. The important thing about picking your container is that it has to be enclosed. Boxes need tops, bowls don’t work and drawstring bags won’t do it either. The second consideration is that it needs to be opaque. If you can see the cursed object while it’s in the vessel then it isn’t going to work as well at keeping the curse in. If you use something like a jar or tupperware that is made of glass or clear plastic you’ll need to paint it. After this all you really need to worry about is the size of the container. Is that cursed object going to fit in the container you’ve chosen? Yes? Sweet, on to the next step then.

Start by physically cleaning your box followed by spiritually purifying it. I’m not going to detail that here because if you’re playing with work like this you should already know plenty of ways to cleanse things. After it’s nice and neutral and ready to work on you can make it look how you would like.

This is a personal preference thing, I like my curse boxes to be black and I like the insides to be padded (I don’t like a rattling reminder of the curse inside if the box gets jostled, I find that dwelling overly on the curse in the box can weaken the box and cause “leaks” of cursed energy, this is also the reason for using opaque containers). Paint your box however you would like. I generally try to keep the initial painting and other appearance related things pretty simple, we’ll be using sigils on the box and cluttering the box right at the start can make further work difficult.

You also need to decide if this vessel is going to be sealed or open, by which I mean, are you EVER going to open this again? If yes, you probably want something that you can lock and unlock (I don’t always feel the need for a lock but I have a lot of confidence in my boxes). If not you can seal your vessel by nailing it shut, wax, locking it and destroying the key, something like that. 

Now it’s time to create your sigils, I use sigils in my binding magic because they’re effective, they last ages without wavering and symbols have always felt powerful for me. You do not have to use this method! Your box could have an english incantation or a picture of a lock painted on it and if that’s what resonates with you then that’s what will work.


This is a (crappy) photo of one of my curse boxes and the sigil on top. I would not suggest that anybody use this sigil. It was crafted by me for a very specific purpose and without knowing the purpose and power words that go with this sigil it’s essentially useless. For those of you that are interested, there’s a cursed poppet in that box.

What you can do is create your own sigil. Be forewarned, that article is long, creating your own sigils is an involved process. You can use one, as on the above box or two or more if they’re all designed to work together. It’s a good idea to get a bit of practice making and activating sigils before you actually make a vessel.

Or, if you really aren’t interested in making your own I can design one for you and help you use it properly. 

Alright, now it’s finally time to enchant your box. 

Curse Vessel Ritual

Ok, you’ll need your box, all spiffed up and ready to go, some paint (I like white), your sigil design, and your desired altar/workspace trappings (candles, incense, figures, elements, whatever).

I like to sit and meditate and stir up some energy first, fill in whatever works for you as prep here; breathing exercises, meditations, calling your guides or the deities you work with and grounding are all good ideas. Next paint on your sigil(s) and any other markings. For example, the white stripes on the front of my box above are a seal, a sort of figurative lock for my box.

Now it’s time to activate your sigil, this is the time to invoke your gods, chant your power words or phrases and generally throw your mojo into it. More info about activating sigils can be found at the previous link about making sigils.

After activating these particular types of sigils you may notice that the box feels odd. Mine take on a bit of a “negative space” feeling, instead of the normal give and take energy flow of typical objects my boxes do not give off energy, it’s like an energetic blind spot. That is exactly what you want! That means that the box is shielding the energy inside of it. The “negative space” feeling is likely to intensify when the cursed object is place in the vessel. You may find that you subconsciously avoid your vessel. Whether through being weirded out by the energy hole or just through not noticing it because of the blind spot I find that my boxes end up finding a spot and not moving for a long time. It isn’t intentional, the vessels just seem to give the members of my house an aversion to messing with them.

After activation you can follow with any blessings, prayers or incantations that feel appropriate to you and then close your circle. Viola! You have a curse box. I like to let my paint dry and then I charge the sigils by leaving them out under a dark moon before actually putting a cursed object in the box.

Like I said, I’m happy to make sigils or even the vessels themselves if anyone would prefer to buy one rather than make their own.

Hopefully this was helpful and not too long/boring. If you have any more questions let me know! 

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