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I am totally going to pull my head out of ouat and back into reality at some point this week.


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The Rules Are Made Up, And The Points Don’t Matter


Do you know what that means?


I make all my “fuck impossible” posts and try to be encouraging and helpful because I think that A) our culture is toxic and I want to counteract it and 2) I want you guys to feel safe creating something for yourselves rather than trying to please everyone else. BECAUSE YOU CAN’T WIN THAT GAME. YOU WILL LOSE, EVERY TIME.

What is the acceptable age to start practicing witchcraft? Don’t be too young, or you’re just playing make believe! Don’t be too old, or it’ll be too late for you to change! But whatever you do, don’t be a teenager or you’ll be accused of just getting into witchcraft for attention and/or because of whatever fantasy media you happen to be interested in.

And make sure you’re never new to witchcraft, or you can’t be taken seriously! But don’t practice for too long, or you’ll be accused of lying about it.

Of course, everyone knows the only real witches come from family traditions…but then, no one’s grandmother was actually a witch, right? We all know that!

The only winning move is not to play.”

The only way to win is by going “Fuck it, I’m not practicing witchcraft ever.” or to say, “Fuck you, I’m not gonna play your damned game at all.” and just do your own thing.

I made the latter choice, and it’s STILL very often a nightmare. And that’s why I try to make it easier for the rest of you, and why I’m trying to show you that the game was bullshit to start with, and that you shouldn’t take it personally. 

Bolding mine. 

You are never too young to start learning the craft.

Gods and god-level type entities want people who are real. Gods do not care about your financial status or able-bodiedness. They care about your heart. Your soul. Your gifts.

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Finished finally. This will be up for grabs later this week when I do some photos. However if you’d like to claim it now, I’ll list it with this photo c:


Witchcraft On A Budget




Melt Micheal’s Ashland® Basic Elements™ Tea Lights, 50 Pack ($2.99) with Dollar Tree Crayons ($1.00) to create your own unique rainbow of colors. However, in my experience, Dollar Tree brand crayons are more pastel / muted versions of the colors. For more exact…

US version…

How to witchcraft





  1. light those
  2. stab this
  3. carve that
  4. shake jar
  5. say the thing

6. Knock pans together

7. yell

8. Collect items that are completely useless but you need them anyways.

9. cat



Sunset through my smoky citrine

Jesus *_*