Date: 31st October
Greater/Lesser: Greater


  • Third and final harvest
  • Herne leads the Wild Hunt
  • The Goddess becomes the Crone, and the God passes into the Underworld
  • Remembering and honouring the ancestors
  • Veil between the Worlds is thin.


  • Black
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Dark red
  • Dark green


  • Myrrh


  • Any black or orange crystal
  • Amazonite - for ancestral energies
  • Jade - protects the spirits of the dead


  • Raido - Journey
  • Gebo - Sacrifice
  • Wunjo - Joy, recognition of worth
  • Jera - Harvest
  • Berkana - Renewal, new growth from old roots


  • 3 drops frankincense
  • 3 drops lavender
  • 3 drops sandalwood
  • 2 drops peppermint

Altar decorations:

  • Skulls, divination tools, Wesir/Osiris statuettes, pumpkin, nuts, acorns, colour-changed leaves, conkers, squash, turnips, apples, pomegranates, Ancestor pictures/names/candles in honour of them.


  • Horned One
  • Herne
  • Osiris
  • Hades


  • Crone
  • Persephone


  • Hold a Dumb Supper
  • Divination


  • Apple-based meals
  • Pumpkin-based meals
  • Roast squash
  • Potatoes
  • Game birds
  • Sausages


  • Cider
  • Red wine
  • Apple juice

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From “All Women Are Healers” by Diane Stein



It’s funny to think that even back in Ancient Egypt people were basically fretting that their godphones weren’t working hard enough. And their answer?



Like they even had giant ears in rooms in the temples to help the…

Tarot cards are like the subconscious mind, full of inspiration and wisdom we didn’t know we knew. Tarot spreads are like the conscious mind. They help organize all that glorious raw data triggered by the cards so that we can interpret it and apply it properly to the situation in question.

Tarot Spreads, Barbara Moore (via uptofate)

(Source: queenofvessels)


Bookish Witch

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I want Clopin in OUAT.

how amazing would that be?!?!

The Importance of Historical Sources


In some corners, historical and academic sources are held suspect and their practice is held totally on the basis of what one experiences in ritual.  I feel compelled to say that I find this to be a foolish method of building a practice. At least, for my own purposes.

Praxis is wonderful. It’s what the bulk of my practice is built upon. The experiences I’ve had, good and bad, are an important part of my way.

But. And it’s a big but.

Learning the history of the Gods. How they were perceived and approached by the cultures of antiquity. The insights and inspirations they bring serve an important purpose.

If I am knees deep in a meditation, and I visualize something about Hekate wearing… I don’t know… say Athena’s helm… Without a historical basis, I have fewer tools with which to interpret.

I may end up believing something about the Gods and Spirits that holds no water. My UPG has no grounds on which to become more.

History serves as a foundation upon which to test one’s received information. It gives one a resource from which to shape rituals. It means not reinventing the wheel.

Yes, absolutely reach out to the Gods in ritual practice. Yes, praxis is important. More so than doxis, really. But don’t forget that what is received in ritual must be tested, and cannot be trusted without verification. It may be purely for you alone. It may be your mind misleading you. Research gives you a means of testing those insights. It allows you to understand what and why, when it is for you alone.

Additionally, without that bulwark of history against misdirection, any insights you share abroad will be full of misinformation. In a subject that’s already suffering from plenty of that problem.

So that’s why I dig through the sources, and why my ritual praxis includes elements derived from those practices. Because dancing for the Gods on unstable ground would mean stumbling my way without the light of my predecessor’s torches to guide me. 

Happy Atmosphere Bag/Jar


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Do you wanna carve a pumpkin? It doesn’t have to be a pumpkin





It gets better—the guy is deaf, and he taught his cat the sign for “food.” So the cat’s not just saying “put that in my mouth,” it’s actually signing

Not only that, but if you notice at the beginning, the cat *gets the man’s attention* as any person who wanted to talk to a deaf/hoh individual would (well, and vice versa IME). I’ve done sign since I was 5, and generally, w/o eye contact initially, you wave a hand or lightly touch the arm (if that’s ok with the person you’re trying to converse with, of course). Generally, adult cats meow mostly to humans, but this cat has figured out that’s not going to work and has adapted. Animal companions! They are INCREDIBLE.




replied to
your post
the Poseidon’s Wall of Jellyfish story will never stop being a delight and I want to hear it again because it makes me laugh. also: I AM THE SAND GUARDIAN, GUARDIAN OF THE SAND.

I will tell the Wall of Jellyfish story again since you are so fantastic.

Once upon a time, my not-boyfriend was vacationing at the beach with a group of friends. He frolicked happily into the waves (no sunscreen ‘cause he’s black, they have very few advantages in this world and they should exploit them, his words) and through pure happenstance, a jellyfish draped its stingy tendrils across his legs and stung him. He was unhappy with this, and he thought “How could the ocean send this beast my way?” He then shook an angry fist to the sky and ocean and proclaimed to Poseidon, “YOU DON’T HAVE THE BALLS.” His exact meaning is unknown, but the fist was definitely shaken. In immediate response, a wave, not a large wave but a wave, crested in front of him, and in that swell of water was a, shall we say, armada of jellyfish, and probably eight or so stung him, a dozen or more times in total.

He looked to a nearby buddy and said “damn there are a lot of jellyfish” and it turns out yes there were, and they headed sloshily to the shore, and it turns out every wave cresting behind them carried a new salvo of jellyfish. “I’m not gonna compare it to slavery”, he says, “but they were lashing me across my back against my will.” Take that as you will. In total, about fifteen or more jellyfish stings “from nips to nuts”, enough that the neurotoxin began to take hold, and he became dizzy and nauseated and lightheaded. He then rubbed tobacco over like every inch of his exposed skin and proceeded to drink beer and eat frozen pizza and watch What Women Want until he felt better.

"Do I feel Poseidon overreacted? Yes. Would I ever say that to his face? No." So I feel like he learned a valuable lesson that day, which is DON’T MOUTH OFF TO THE GOD OF THE OCEAN WHILE YOU’RE STANDING IN ONE.