Lammas ‘Recipe’ Number Four

Hey, it’s still summer, so get the family/your friends/hell, just you! Get that bbq fired up and eat way too much good food. 

Throw some seasonal veg and bread in there too, if you feel like it.

Lammas Recipe Number Three

Traditional Cornish Pasties *that aren’t Cornish unless you’re actually in Cornwall.*

Dear readers, I now hand you over to our very own Essex lad Jamie for a lesson in how to make these absolutely divine.

Cornish Pasties

Lammas Recipe Number Two

Carrot Soup

Can be served chilled or hot

  • 1.25lb carrots
  • 1 onion
  • 3-4 cloves garlic
  • 1oz butter
  • 2 pints beef stock
  • 8oz double cream
  • Salt and pepper
  • Finely chopped fresh parsley to garnish


  • Peel and thinly slice the onion, and crush the garlic. Melt the butter in a heavy-based saucepan and cook the onions and garlic, covered, until the onion is translucent and soft.
  • Top, tail and peel the carrots, then chop roughly. Add to the onion and cook for another 8 minutes
  • Pour the (boiling) beef stock over the veg, bring to a simmer and keep the heat as low as possible for 30 mins. 
  • Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly before liquidising until smooth. 
  • Whisk the cream, then add to taste and season with salt and pepper. 
  • If serving chilled, leave the soup in the fridge to cool for at least an hour.

Lammas Recipe Number One

Basic bread making technique for making bread by hand

I have a breadmaker and it’s one of the most used machines in my kitchen. The ritual loaf will be hand shaped and baked in the oven, but lammas is a grain harvest. Bread’s kinda the in thing. Here’s a recipe for a seedy loaf that to my mind screams LAMMAS!!

  • 1.25tsp yeast
  • 550g strong white bread flour
  • 2tsp sugar
  • 25g butter
  • 1.5tsp salt
  • 2tbsp poppy seeds
  • 2tbsp sesame seeds
  • 360ml water
  • 2tbsp linseeds*
  • 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds*
  • 2tbsp sunflower seeds*

* - if using a breadmaker, add these to your raisin/nut dispenser and follow your machine’s programming instructions. 

Cut slices, toast and serve with homemade pate or other topping of choice.

The first Epagomenal Day- Wesir


Today is a day of gifts. Today is a day of new life and celebration. Wesir is born. On this day, the Lord of The Underworld is brought forth. All hail Wesir! Dua Wesir! Praise be to his wisdom and dignity!

A Short Mythology Lesson for Sora and Xanadu


Why did the year vanish?

In short, it was Djehuty who did it. That wily ibis, that sly baboon. He took a bet out against the moon, Khonsu. A proud god, Khonsu did not think He could be bested in Senet, His favorite game. But Djehuty is a god of wisdom and trickery: any game is His to command. Djehuty won the game, and in turn, a favor from Khonsu.

But why was Djehuty playing the game?

A prophecy had been revealed: Ra’s throne would pass down to the child of the sky, Nut, and the earth, Geb. Not one to be outdone, Ra cursed Nut: on no day of the year could she give birth to Her child. Nut wept, Her belly and pain grew and grew - for the sky goddess was not mother of one, but five.

No one knows why Djehuty worked in Nut’s favor. Did He pity Her pain? Did He see the wisdom in producing Ra’s heir? Did He do this according to some hidden plan?

Djehuty’s favor from Khonsu was this: give me the light of the moon, light enough to make five days. Khonsu did so, and in turn gave birth to the phases of the moon, for it no longer had perfect light. On the last moment of the last day of the year, Djehuty threw his stolen days into life, disrupting the world. Ra was furious, for He had promised Nut no days of the year, but His vizier had out done Him. Djehuty’s days were outside of any year.

So Nut gave birth to Her five children. First to Wesir, who would become King on Earth, and later King in Death. Second to Heru the Elder, a great warrior and champion of ma’at. Next to Set, great of chaos and change, protector of Ra. Fourth to Aset, the greatest magician to ever live, the Queen and power behind Wesir. Finally to Nebthet, Who provides comfort and healing to the dead and those who mourn.

And so between the last day and the first, Kemetics celebrate five days belonging to no year, giving honor to the children of Nut and Geb.


Photography by LadyxBoleyn (do not remove credits or edit)

Autumn Bridge, Derbyshire, England
photo via rachel


my favorite thing is when people are freaked out by the accuracy of tarot readings

especially when they were originally skeptics, it’s literally the best thing ever


I’m totally in love with the idea of lock magic. (In fact, littleboneshaker’s post on it was one of the things that got me back into witchcraft.) I found this adorable tiny padlock at the dollar store & turned it into a willpower charm. (nickel for scale!)
Executive dysfunction is something that plagues my days, so I’ve been wearing this charm on a chain around my neck for a month now, and it definitely helps give me the extra push I need. The witch side of me says that it works because it’s enchanted; the skeptical side of me says that works through confirmation bias, and acts as a visual & tactile reminder to stay focused, & as a stim toy. But if it works, it works!

The sixth and pentacle of the moon should be engraved, drawn, or written on the day an hour of the moon. One of its many uses is to bring rain when it is most needed as well as allowing the magician to engage the spirits of the moon for change and for astral travel.
When properly used it is said that the sixth and pentacle of the moon can bring you the rain and water that will nourish the body and the fields. This usage is is common practice to engrave it on a piece of silver which is then placed under water as long as the pentacle remains submerged in water it will reputedly continue to fall. The sixth pentacle of the moon can also be used to commune with the spirits of the moon and seek answers to the unknown from them. During the hour of the moon at night when the moon is waxing or full , the user should draw the pentacle on parchment in silver ink. Again, in the hour of the moon when it is waxing, the magician should hang the sigil from his neck. the magician should draw the circle of arte and proceed to invoke to come forth. when the presences is thick the magician should seek their answer using direct words of interrogation.
—Father P.I.E.V. The Witches Almanac

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